Dr. Andrew Mammen

Adjunct Faculty; Associate Professor of Neurology and Medicine

Dr. Mammen sees patients with diseases affecting muscle and has a special interest in autoimmune myositis and statin-associated myopathies.

His research focuses on statin-triggered muscle disease, muscle regeneration in myositis, as well as the link between myositis and cancer.

Dr. Mammen is the recipient of the 2007 Passano Physician Scientist Award and the 2012 Sir William Osler Young Investigator Award.

  • MD: Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
  • PhD: Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
  • Internship: Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Neurology Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Neuromuscular Fellowship: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Publications: Peer-reviewed Original Science Research

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Publications: Review Articles (Invited and Peer-Reviewed)

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