MRI Testing of the Muscles

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a medical test that uses biological magnets and a computer to create pictures of the inside of the body.  These pictures then aid doctors and specialist in determining injuries or diseases.  The MRI is sometimes compared to the CT (Computed Tomography), which uses similar technology to create cross-sectional images of the body.

What to expect during the test

When a person is in the tube of the MRI, they will hear a loud, banging noise.   This banging noise heard by the patient is caused by the radio waves switching on and off at a very rapid pace.  This creates the pictures that doctors can then study.


There is no preparation for an MRI exam, but you must be sure to tell the technologist if you have any metal in your body.  You must also remove all your jewelry and watches.  This is VERY important, as the MRI contains a large magnet and wearing metal inside the MRI is very dangerous.


The risks of MRI exams are minimal.


Your doctors will receive copies of your MRI results, and will interpret them within the context of your complete evaluation.  Often, the results of MRI studies will be available when you meet with your Myositis Center doctor.

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